We are excited that the16th Latech will again be a physical event that will allow us to enjoy sharing of technological advancement in the ceramics industry on a face to face basis. Latech this year will be on November from 21th till 22th.

Latech which is an acronym for Latest Technology has always forged a strong collaboration between leading technological, material and supporting companies including the downstream distributors.

Latech always endeavors to challenge new and innovative ideas. Our goal is to inspire creative ideas that can support the development of the Indonesian ceramic industry. The current world economics has put an upward cost pressure on manufacturers and so we hope that Latech will provide solutions to reduce costs while improving product quality.

The ceramics Industry is threatened by a growing number of alternatives that are trendy and cost effective so to maintain market share our ceramic manufacturers must innovate and be fashionable. To remain the dominant choice for coverings we must find a good balance machines and materials. In this view the ceramics Industry is encroaching into the natural materials industry such as marble and granite and other applications such as table tops.

We look forward to your participation and inputs to support Latech achieve its objectives.